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Sanny van Heteren is on IMDB click here to view a detailed list of films she is known for.

Underworld Unknown Invaders TKKG


La Niebla y La Doncella Supporting Dir. Andrés Koppel 2017
Titanium White Supporting Dir. Piotr Smigasiewicz 2017
It Watches Lead Dir. Dave Parker 2016
The Key Supporting Dir. Gedeon Burkhard 2013
Mindscape Supporting Dir. Jorge Dorado 2013
Violet          Supporting Dir. Luis Berdejo 2013
Trials of Cate McCall Supporting Dir. Karen Moncrieff 2012
Underworld Awakening Supporting Dir. Mans Marlind 2011
Till death do us part Supporting Dir. Julian Lara 2011
Coldwater Lead Dave Parker 2010
Hellraiser: Revelations Lead Dir. Victor Garcia 2010
Kokowaah Supporting Dir. Til Schweiger 2010
Unknown White Male Supporting Dir. Jaume Collet Serra 2010
High Plains Invaders Lead Dir. Kris Tabori 2009
The key (short) Lead Dir. Sanny van Heteren 2010
Valentine Lead Dir. Joe Bosco 2009
The Chosen One Supporting Dir. Rob Schneider 2010
The Last Word Supporting Dir. Geoffrey Haley 2008
The Choice (short) Lead Dir. Ron Fernandez 2007
Inside Out Supporting Dir. David Ogden 2005
Raw Nerve Supporting Dir. Avi Nesher 2000
Black and White Supporting Dir. James Toback 1999
Celebrity Featured Dir. Woody Allen 1998
Four Junior Detectives
(aka TKKG Das Drachenauge)
Lead Dir. Ulrich Koenig 1992


Die Letzte Spur
Supporting Dir. Peter Stauch 2013
Soko stuttgart Supporting Dir. Rainer Matsutani
Der Staatsanwalt Supporting Dir. Martin Kinkel 2012
Dating Daisy Supporting dir. Florian Schwarz 2012
Der Dicke Supporting Dir. Christoph Schnee 2011
SOKO Wismar Supporting Dir. David Weiss 2011
Alter Eco (4 episodes) Herself Dir. Hans van Riet 2008


Box Hill School (England) Drama G.C.S.E
Hurtwood House (England) Theatre Studies A – Level degree
Lee Strasberg Institute (New York)
Sheila Gray (New York)
Anthony Abeson (New York)
Margie Haber (Los Angeles)
Courtney Burr (Los Angeles)


Fluent Spanish and German, proficient in French and Italian. British dialects, write music and play guitar.


Horse riding, Yoga, Advanced scuba diving (certified), tae kwon do (blue belt), rock climbing, motorcycle license (on and off road), Stunts, Skiing, water sports, tennis, soccer.

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